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3D Animation

Blender 3D

Blender is an open source / free 3D animation program for Mac and PC.
It is very powerful but has an interface that makes it notoriously difficult to learn.
(free download - links to external website)

Mike's Complete Blender 3D Course

Mike's Complete PDF/Text Guide to Using Blender (version 2.4 - with updated notes for version 2.5+)

Maya 3D

Maya 3D: Making and Rigging a Freaky Morph

3D Studio Max

Twelve Part Training Course hosted by Mike

Lesson 1: The 3DS Interface:

Further Lessons:

Lesson 02 - The Viewports

Lesson 03 - Adding Objects

Lesson 04 - Transforming Objects

Lesson 05 - Grouping Objects

Lesson 06 - Boolean Intersections

Lesson 07 - Adding Textures

Lesson 08 - Lighting a Scene

Lesson 09 - Using Pre-Made Models

Lesson 10 - Animation - part 1

Lesson 11 - Animation - part 2

Lesson 12 - Rendering

2D Animation

After Effects

Beginners: Mega UFO-City Tutorial
Make this video in After Effects by following Mike's tutorial PDF (below):

(step-by-step tutorial PDF) | (tutorial source files [69mb])

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